For faster completion time, better cost control, and fewer problems, the Construction Management Project Delivery System is a great solution for owners. The depth of management skill possessed by RAPP is perfectly suited for Construction Management.

RAPP provides in-depth consultation, commendations, and oversight of the entire construction process, allowing the owner to devote their time to their normal activities. RAPP provides Construction Management services on a Negotiated Fee basis. Under a Construction Management Delivery System, RAPP accepts responsibility for managing the design process, preparing budgets and schedules, securing bids and contracts, complying with building codes and government regulations, onsite supervision, scheduling all contractors and procuring all materials, and acting as a liaison between the project and the owner. Rapp has demonstrated that the use of Construction Management as the preferred Delivery System has delivered projects with significant reductions in time, cost, and defects while adding value and increasing overall quality.